Sunday, July 9, 2017

Tympanic membrane perforation

53 year old female patient with chronic otitis media, presented without otorrhea for evaluation before surgery. A right ear endoscopy was performed showing anteroinferior right tympanic membrane perforation due to chronic otitis media

Middle meatus anatomy

Just wanted to share right middle meatus anatomy noticed during nasal endoscopy. 39 year old male patient with 10 year old history of right nasal obstruction, presented septal deviation shown on other video in the blog.

LPR - laryngopharyngeal reflux

26 year old male patient in the emergency room with 3-day onset odynophagia, no sialorrhea or foreign body signs in the imaging studies; there was noted postcricoid edema and erythema over both arytenoid; laryngoscopy was performed in the E.R. under local anesthesia which is, in my opinion, the best use for the device.

Right nasal septum deviation

39 year old male patient with a 10 year history of right nasal obstruction. A rigid nasal endoscopy was performed with a 2.7mm 30 degree endoscope showing area 2 deviation collapsing right nasal valve and contacting right inferior turbinate.

Right tympanic membrane perforation

28 year old male patient with an 8 month old hearing loss following blunt trauma over the right ear; an otoscopy was performed showing 30%...